Cora™ CS1030 Wall Receptacle Outlet

The CS 1030 is a long-range, switchable, wall receptacle outlet supporting LoRaWAN or Coralink wireless protocols. The 120V, 15-amp unit provides 2.4 Amp USB output. One device outlet can be controlled remotely or configured to turn on/off automatically with built in scheduler.

Ideal for smart home / smart building / smart city, the device improves efficient energy management and enhanced safety and security. Control lighting and equipment from very long distances supporting a wide variety of public and private LoRa networks.

The outlet can be configured to monitor temperature supporting real-time measurements, statistics, and threshold notifications.

Key Features

  • U.S. standard “1-gang” size, child-safe receptacle outlet; includes one switchable outlet, one always-on outlet, one USB charger outlet.
  • Faceplate included
  • Convenient on/off button for manual control
  • Remotely Configurable Notifications, Schedules, and Timers
  • Peer to Peer Communication (Coralink only)
  • Long Range: typical 300-500 meters
  • Samples available now


  • Smart Home lighting, appliance control, security, and automation
  • Smart Buildings control
  • Smart City lighting and control


  • LoRa Protocols: Coralink Class C, LoRaWAN Class C
  • LoRa Frequencies: US (915 MHz)
  • ETL-Listed, FCC Approved
  • Color: White
  • One Power (on/off) control button
  • Dimensions (L x W x D): 2.62 x 1.69 x 1.81 inches (67 x 43 x 46 mm), faceplate excluded
  • Green status Indicator LED
  • USB output: 5 Volts DC, 2.4 Amps Maximum
  • AC Input Power: 100-120VAC, 60Hz
  • AC Output Rating: 100-120VAC, 15 Amps Max. (Resistive)
  • Environmental:
    • Operating Temperature Range: 14°F – 104°F (-10°C – 40°C)
    • Operating Humidity Range: < 95% non-condensing
  • Schedules, and Timers:
    • Scheduled on/off actions based on specified time, sunrise, and sunset
    • Timer auto-on/off for specified durations
    • On/Off notifications
    • Temperature threshold triggers
  • Reports:
    • Switch on/off statistics
    • Temperature statistics
  • Administrative:
    • Device reset notification
    • Time synchronization
    • Enable/Disable manual control
  • Intended for indoor use only