• Connecting People and Things without Wires™

    Codepoint Cora™ provides the building blocks for creating secure, reliable,
    smart-enterprise applications.
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  • Everything always in-sight™
    The CT1000 personnel tracker tag is ideal for indoor/outdoor near real-time tracking applications.
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Low-Power, Long-Range Wireless IoT
Devices and Infrastructure for the Enterprise 10 times the range of Wi-Fi or BLE Low-Latency and Peer to Peer with Coralink

Simplifies integration with custom solution and applications. Cora maximizes flexibility and performance – lowering total cost of ownership.

Low-Power, LoRa Tracking Tag
3 meter indoor location accuracy (Wi-Fi / BLE) 6,000+ Locates per charge Out-of-network 1000+ message cache 3-axis motion sensor Script programmable

Wearable tag providing near real-time tracking and monitoring for the location of people and things.

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Applications for the Smart Enterprise

Codepoint LoRa based devices and platforms deliver critical capabilities efficiently for a variety of building and campus applications.

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Building Management and Monitoring

Monitor building systems status, security, water leak, and temperature even in hard to reach areas.

Hotel Staff Security and Efficiency

Lone worker security is a government requirement in some locations.

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Nursing Home Safety and Security

Staff, residents and important assets are more secure when they are easy to locate.

Industrial / Warehouse Location of Things

Seamless indoor/outdoor location capability reduces the need for multiple niche solutions supporting campus, regional, and global tracking needs.

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Our mission is to connect people and things without wires.

We combine the best-in class connectivity technology with large scale manufacturing, providing a flexible platform of IoT devices and infrastructure for enterprise grade applications and use-cases.

- Michael Mathews, Codepoint President.